Here's Dino doing his Bob Seger Tribute

Dino's Cover Music Demo

Dean Pearl is a writer and novelsist. His currently published titles are:
Sid ...    The Serum...   and... The Adventures Of Dino Danger  
all available on Amazon

Dino Perelli is a multi-talented producer, writer, musician, and vocalist. He performs as "Dino Danger" and writes as "Dean Pearl".

"SID" - By Dean Pearl

"The Serum"
​by Dean Pearl

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Dino's Music 

Dino Danger. Long live the King. The first and strongest of the cadre. He is a raspy singin', guitar playing, Rock & Roll hedonist from Las Vegas, of legendary proportions. A hard drinking, hard loving, womanizer with a known propensity to "party" with the best of them. Two time Las Vegas TV Show host, Gong Show winner, two albums, two 45's, international appearances, twice inducted  into the LVRRHOF