"SID" - By Dean Pearl

Dean Pearl is a writer and novelsist. His currently published titles are:
Sid ...    The Serum...   and... The Adventures Of Dino Danger  
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Dino Perelli is a multi-talented producer, who has created a "cast of characters" to promote his various creative projects over the years. As a life long writer, musician, and artist, his creative process is fueled by an almost schizophrenic cadre of personalities... each with their own motivations and drives to exist: 
* Dino Danger
* Dean Pearl
​* Zero


Dino's Music 

Zero is an emerging artist. His currently preferred mediums include sculptures and diorama's. His art all pertains to musical themes.

Dino Danger. Long live the King. The first and strongest of the cadre. He is a raspy singin', guitar playing, Rock & Roll hedonist from Las Vegas, of legendary proportions. A hard drinking, hard loving, womanizer with a known propensity to "party" with the best of them. Two time Las Vegas TV Show host, Gong Show winner, two albums, two 45's, international appearances, twice inducted  into the LVRRHOF

Here's Dino doing his Bob Seger Tribute

Dino's Cover Music Demo

diorama art

"The Serum"
​by Dean Pearl

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