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"The Serum"
​by Dean Pearl

Dean Pearl (Dino's Pen Name), is a writer and novelist.
​His currently published titles are:
Sid ...    The Serum...   and... The Adventures Of Dino Danger  
all available on Amazon

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Dino "Danger" Perelli
Started playing in bands at age twelve.
He had his first record deal on Cha-Cha Records at the age of fourteen,
with two songs he wrote while living
in Chicago where
he was born and raised.
He moved with his family to Las Vegas
when he was sixteen and began a musical odyssey that would have him appearing in every bar and upscale hotel lounge from one end of Vegas to the other, while also touring coast to coast playing everything
from rock bars to elite supper clubs.
He is a musician, a writer,
an actor, producer, and a comedian.
He currently resides in Central Florida
​where he is available for performances.

Dino doing his Bob Seger Tribute


Dino's Music 

"SID" - By Dean Pearl

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