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Dino Danger Perelli is a 50 year veteran of the music business. He has worked in numerous capacities as a musician (vocalist and guitarist), audio and video producer, comedian, and more!

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Green Screen & Cover Song Samples

Dino Danger Perelli

This professional is a highly experienced musician, writer, producer, and video editor with a strong background in event management, customer service, and social media marketing. With a career spanning over 40 years, he has held various roles such as realtor, owner, videographer, producer, store manager, and self-employed musician. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, and video production software. He is seeking opportunities in the music and entertainment industry, as well as roles in event planning, marketing, and creative direction. Possible job titles: Musician, Writer, Producer, Video Editor, Event Planner, Marketing Manager, Creative Director, Social Media Manager, Entrepreneur, Owner, Videographer, Store Manager, Consultant, Music Producer, Content Creator, Social Media Coordinator, Event Coordinator, Graphic Designer,  Music Director, Music Supervisor, Music Editor, Music Consultant, Music Promoter, and Music Coordinator.