• That's what they say at the a's2:04
  • You say it like it's something bad3:01
  • Highway Lover3:04
  • Stay out of the sun3:12
  • Maybe he'll call2:53
  • Over you now4:16
  • How can I say I love you4:23

"The Serum" - by Dean Pearl
In the year 2036, Dr John Daniels invents a serum to make humans immortal. Now 100 years later, immortality isn't the panacea it seemed. Can love last forever? Or is it all just something that comes down to human beliefs and frailties.

"Sid" - by Dean Pearl
In a small, rural, Texas town a very average looking man has a very unusual secret. He believes that the voice of God is instructing him to kill various people in order to create for him in heaven what he never had on earth; a loving, loyal, devoted, family. After inheriting some money and property from his grandparents, Sid Evenburg moves to Gun Barrel City Texas. He starts to hear a voice. A voice that threatens to destroy Sid unless he obeys and does what he is told. Sid encounters the local sheriff, a retired FBI profiler, and a psychic, as well as his long lost Uncle who informs Sid of some facts about his past that Sid never knew. Sid tries to frame his Uncle for his own heinous acts while he portends to the investigation of the murders. Ultimately Sid is brought down by the Sheriff, but is it the end of Sid's reign of terror or just the beginning?

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Assorted unpublished demos...

"The Adventures Of Dino Danger" Volume #1
A compilation of stories about the life and times of Dino Danger, a veteran Las Vegas entertainer and performer for over 40 years! His stories involve tales of sex, drug use, and of course, good old Rock & Roll

​& Tips!

Dinos Pen Name is Dean Pearl. He has published two fiction novels and a satirical autobiography. 

  • We're All Just People3:53
  • eyes for days 3:38
  • My life is like a country song5:08
  • Bye Bye Boomer2:36
  • The way I truly feel3:30
  • Its not easy being me 3:05

These songs are from the album "There's Danger in Vegas". All songs were written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Dino Perelli

Original songs by Danger Zone​

  • Animal World 3:42
  • Pretty Girls4:30
  • Put your money where your mouth is3:12
  • Tell it like it is3:38
  • Pit Boss Blues4:21
  • Angelina2:51