• Animal World 3:42
  • Pretty Girls4:30
  • Put your money where your mouth is3:12
  • Tell it like it is3:38
  • Pit Boss Blues4:21
  • Angelina2:51

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  • My life is like a country song5:08
  • Bye Bye Boomer2:36
  • The way I truly feel3:30
  • Its not easy being me 3:05
  • We're All Just People3:53

  • That's what they say at the a's2:04
  • You say it like it's something bad3:01
  • Highway Lover3:04
  • Stay out of the sun3:12
  • Maybe he'll call2:53
  • Over you now4:16
  • How can I say I love you4:23